Plain & Simple Artist Tools

Welcome to the Plugin Homepage.

This plugin is for Artists, DJs and Record Labels and is used to manage your releases in your WordPress site.


  • Import Cover Art and Release Title from External URL
  • Embed Traxsource Player
  • Display Catalogue using Shortcodes
  • Custom Post Type used to seperate from your normal Pages and Posts

More features coming soon. Send any feature requests via the contact page.

Usage Instructions

  1. Download Plugin here
  2. Activate Plugin
  3. Add New Release under Releases in Dashboard
  4. Enter the External URL and save draft to pull in the external info
  5. Populate the other fields as normal
  6. Publish the release
  7. Display Catalogue using Shortcodes (see below)

Shortcode Settings

The default shortcode is


You can customise using the following parameters:

  • limit – number of releases to show on page (Default: 20)
  • externallink – link to external URL or internal page (Default: y)
  • info – Show Release Info(Default: n)
  • showplayer – Show Audio player(Default: n)

Demonstration Video


Show 2 releases, without information and using internal link to the release:

[show-releases limit=2 info=n externallink=n]

Show 2 releases, with information and using internal link to the release:

[show-releases limit=2 info=y externallink=y]

Show 4 releases, with information and using external link to the release:

[show-releases limit=4 info=y externallink=y]

Default shortcode to show releases. Number to show set by Settings > Reading Settings